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How to become an Appointee


If you are interested in an appointment, view the position description on the ARRL Website for that position.
There is a link to them along with the list of current appointees on this site. Contact the section official
responsible for that position and describe your qualifications and interest. If you are qualified, have a proven
track record within the ham radio community and there is a need for an appointee in that area, the section
official will recommend you to the section manager for appointment.

In the ARES organization, contact your local emergency coordinator to join the local group as a member. When
an emergency coordinator, district emergency coordinator, or section emergency coordinator are needed, they
are selected from within the current group for appointment.

If you are interested in an NTS appointment, become active in the traffic nets, handle traffic and report your
activity monthly to the section traffic manager. Stations who are active traffic handlers consistently usually
become Official Relay Stations. If you are interested in a net manager position, offer your services as an
alternate net control or regular net control until a net manager opening occurs.

There is also an online form that can be completed on the ARRL website requesting an appointment. When the
ARRL receives that form, they will request the section manager’s approval. The section manager will contact the
section official responsible for overseeing that position to obtain their approval. If you have not contacted the
section official prior to this time, most likely that person will contact you for more information prior to approving
your appointment.

Appointees at all levels must be full ARRL members.