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Official Observers

Recommendations for Official Observer (OO) appointments are submitted to the ARRL through the Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) and Section Manager. The ARRL provides the individual with a course and a test. Once the test is returned to the ARRL with a passing grade, the appointment will be made. An OO must have been licensed or at least four years.

Responsibilities include providing a monthly report of hours observed on, and any problems noted to the OOC.

The appointment description for official observers is available at:

They are listed by city and county in case local assistance is needed.




Contact Information
Name Call
Aloha/Washington Pat Roberson N7PAT
Beaverton/Washington John Mackey KS0F
Canyon City/Grant John Nydam N7YB
Central Point/Jackson Kirby Wheeler KL7VK
Eagle Creek/Clackamas Jeffrey Copeland NS7J
 Gresham/Multnomah  Anthony Aleshire  WB7OR
 Hillsboro/Washington  Everett Curry  W6ABM
 Medford/Jackson  Arnold Sias  K7VS
 Pendleton/Umatilla  Michael Califf Sr.  AB7OC
 Portland/Multnomah  Bruce McCain  N7XB
 Portland/Multnomah  Al Crotts  KF4LEC
 Portland/Multnomah  Jim Michels  K7GSR