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2017 Oregon Section News

A summary of how Oregon’s new distracted driving law relates to Amateur Operators can be downloaded from the link below. Yes, you can continue to operate your ham radio while driving if you are 18 years or older and have a valid FCC license. Read the full story below.

Distracted Driving Summary

2017 Oregon ARES Activity Report

During 2017, Oregon ARES units, for the first time, reported their monthly activities to the national ARRL ARES program. A County-by-County report for the full year can be downloaded below. In summary, the report tells us that:

♦ There are about 650 ARES members in 23 Oregon Counties

♦ During 2017, a total of over 1,200 net sessions were held by these ARES units

♦ The County units held or participated in about 350 training or other events during the year

♦ ARES Units were activated by their County Emergency Manager a total of 25 times, contributing over 5,000 hours during these activations. Much of this was during the August, 2017 Solar Eclipse

♦ In total, about 21,000 hours of volunteer time was donated by Oregon ARES members during emergencies, exercises and public events. This has an estimated value of nearly 1/2 million dollars.

♦ Including time planning and organizing events, training, station maintenance and other tasks, Oregon ARES volunteers donated over 25,000 hours at an estimated value of $612,000 during 2017


2017 Annual Activity Report


Thanks you for your support of Amateur Radio.

John Core KX7YT, Oregon Section Manager