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2017 Oregon Legislature News

Legislation that may affect Amateur Radio is under discussion in the 2017 Oregon Legislature. News and resources to assist Oregon Section amateurs will be posted here from time to time as warranted. Here are some resources:

  1. This document from ARRL provides useful information but note that we don’t wish to change definitions within the bill, only retain the current exemption for FCC licensed Amateurs. Here is a link: Mobile Radio Policy
  2. Here is the current exemption and the best language for us to get back into the bill: (h) Holds a valid amateur radio operator license issued or any other license issued by the Federal Communications Commission and is operating an amateur radio.
  3. These “talking points” may be useful in your correspondence with your representatives:
    1. Amateur Radio Operators are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. There are 18,000 FCC licensed Amateurs in Oregon.
    2. Amateurs play an important role in providing communications during emergencies, disasters, search and rescue operations and large public events such as the annual Hood to Coast Run and Cycle Oregon, The events depend on mobile radio ham capabilities. Many governmental and non-governmental organization also depend on mobile radio ham communications.
    3. The use of a ham radio during while driving is very different than using a hand-held cell phone; most of the time it is just listening to the radio. Microphone use is typically very brief.
    4. In a letter dated August, 2009, the National Traffic Safety Council commented:
      ” We are not aware of evidence that using amateur radios while driving has significant crash risks. We also have no evidence that using two-way radios while driving poses significant crash risks. Until such time as compelling, peer-reviewed scientific research is presented that denotes significant risks associated with the use of amateur radios, two-way radios or other communication devices, the NSC does not support legislative bans or prohibition on their use”
    5. In contacts with your Senators and Representatives, always be polite and thoughtful.


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Thanks you for your support of Amateur Radio.

John Core KX7YT, Oregon Section Manager